About Us

We are a service provider bringing you more than 25 years of consulting  experience in solutions development and maintenance

  • business requirements,  analysis and analysis verification
  • business process mapping, management and optimization
  • systems analysis and solution design
  • integration to legacy systems
  • integration from embedded systems
  • application architecture
  • data mining to provide results that add measuable value to your company.

Please use the options from the menu bar to find explanations of  about how we will provide you with insights from your data that will improve your service quality and cut your costs.

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In a nutshell

We provide automated systems analysis of running IT systems using big data mining techniques to examine your business processes.

We provide this service to medium and large organizations in private and government sectors. We draw management concepts from Lean Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints and System Dynamics but do not any impose external management management paradigms  on your business. On the contrary we aim for evidence-based policy in all decision making.

Our value proposition is that out digital toolset analyzes your data systems to derive results that are accurate, reliable, economical and understandable. Our proven methods reflect your actual combination of business conditions, systems, technologies.

We present our findings about your business in visual format to show you:

  • how to improve the quality of your service to your customers
  • how to reduce waste, duplication and loopiness in your working
  • how improve your compliance with policy and regulation
  • methods of simulation and reducing risk  in company transformation

Please contact us to discuss your needs and what we can do to streamline your processes!



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Our Clients

Our clients are medium to large size organizations that rely on their business processes and use  computer systems for their record keeping.  Our clients typically are looking to improve the quality of service to their customers, to lower the costs of doing business or to demonstrate best in class corporate governance.

We expect that companies that are moving to outsourced supply chain manufacturing and companies in transition to greater use of Web services for integration will benefit from our analysis.

Managers often ask questions about the processes in their organizations such as:

  1. What is the average/minimum/maximum throughput time of cases?
  2. Which paths take too much time on average?
  3. How many cases follow these routings?
  4. What are the critical sub-paths for these paths?
  5. What is the average service time for each task?
  6. How much time was spent between any two tasks in the process model?
  7. How are the cases actually being executed?
  8. Are the business rules, policies and regulation being obeyed in practice?
  9. How many staff members are involved in a case?
  10. What is the communication and dependencies among those staff members?
  11. How many transfers happen from one role to another role?
  12. Who are important people in the communication flow?
  13. Who subcontracts work to whom?
  14. Who work on the same tasks?

Process mining is designed to answer these questions.

Contact us to arrange for consultation about how we can optimize your business processes.

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