Business Intelligence

Big businesses have their business intelligence tools from IBM, Oracle and others. These tools provide deep insight into attributes of a company’s sales. None of the standard Business Intelligence tools start with the process-aware application event log. Those insights are into the physical object and its various attributes as defined by the OLAP cube of sales data. There are lower cost alternatives available for pilot project and proof of concept projects. We recommend the open source Pentaho BI suite 5.0 to provide dashboard monitoring as the output of a data mining project.  This and other tools provide low-cost methods tools to reduce the time between business signal and management feedback.

Our digital toolset focuses specifically on the business context of how your use your resources. We provide very valuable information about”

  • companies in economic transition,
  • companies moving to outsourced supply,
  • companies with hybrid software integration and
  • companies that need to demonstrate compliance with regulation.