Raw Data

This link describes the minimum raw event data that will be required for process discovery.

  1. Process instance ID, is necessary to distinguish different executions of the same process according to the context of the system. For example, in a call center, the Process instance ID would be a service request number. Your data needs needs to come from the history of the cases and not be summarized to the process instance level.
  2. Activity: There should be identifiers names for different process steps or status changes that were performed in the process. If you have only only one row for each process instance, then your data is not detailed enough .
  3. Timestamp:  The timestamps need to be in standard value to sequence records and calculate time intervals. This means timestamps are needed to identify delays between activities and identify bottlenecks in your process. If you have a start and end  timestamp for each activity in the process, then a distinction between active and idle times in the process becomes possible.
  4. Other attributes can be added optionally. Typically seek to understand the patterns of the activities and not the accounting details associated with the activity.