Event logs

If you check the history of workflow systems it is clear that the early thinkers were inspired by the techniques of mass production and wanted to apply the benefits of coordinated specialization to modern office work. This gave raise to systems which are discussed all over the place but here. Six Sigma, Lean and Eliyahu Goldratt Theory of Constraints (TOC) figure prominently. There are many angles on this topic. But rather than dwelling on the differences, we prefer to delve into the common ground of systems that are aware the context of usage, provide management feedback and the possibility for optimizations.

The starting point for the automation of such work is the “event log”. The event log is like the captain’s log as made famous by Star Trek but as used by the Royal Navy for hundreds of years. It is the primary record of the significance of an event. It is not like records in a transaction processing system which focus on value and legal obligation. It is record of context that tells us who did what when. With some data arithmetic functions and basic statistical functions the event log will become the Rosetta Stone that shows the inquirer what the company is actually doing.

As for your application and its event logs, we will work with your applications and database people to extract the correct data.  Please contact us to get started.

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